House of Prayer


God has called us to build him a house of prayer for all nations. Prayer isn't just part of our vision statement, it is part of our DNA. Why? Because it is the air that Christians breathe, it is our life blood and the oxygen that keeps us alive. Prayer releases blessings, brings strength, opens doors, breaks through strongholds, demolishes the works of the enemy and keeps us focused and passionate for Jesus.

In fact prayer is so important that when we fail to pray, we fail.

Yet prayer is something we grow in and something that we can be taught. In fact one of the very few things that the disciples ask Jesus to teach them is to pray (Luke 11:1). Sometimes we look at others and think that it is only for the select few, the opposite is the truth though. Prayer is for everyone, but we need help. That is the purpose of these pages.

We all need help. We all need support. We all need encouragement. We all need resources.

Use these and may God bless you as grow in prayer.