Meet our leaders





Ian & Caraline Rowland

We have the honour of leading All Naitions Church, here in Hemlington and serving God together with a great team supporting us. By building God a House of Prayer for ALL nations, we want to help people find God's love and purpose for their life. Building a church where people belong, feel valued, included and part of the church family.


All Nations Church as been our home for many years now. A place where our two gorgeous girls have been raised and released to impact those around them. We have been married for over 25 years and have the pleasure to bring Lydia and Abigail into the world. Our journey in leadership started many years ago in Scunthorpe. When we married in 1995, we were based in New Life Church, Scunthorpe. In 1996, we moved to lead a church in Barnsley. This is where our two girls were born. Supported by great friends to help raise them, so we could serve God. God then led us to be part of a church team in Pontefract. This was a great time for us as a young family. In 2005 we became part of a leadership team at Destiny Church Tees Valley. We served with great senior leaders and we saw ourselves and our girls grow in our faith. This was a place of great friendship, family and support. They released us with blessing to lead at All Nations Church in 2014. But the story doesn't end there. God gave us great friends at Destiny Church and our relationships continue. Supporting each other in this journey. 

We continue to follow God's leading at All Nations Church, surrounded by great people, our church family.