Prayer Course

When you talk to people about prayer, nearly everyone admits that they wished they prayed more! In fact when you really start talking about prayer and people answer honestly, it is amazing what they say and what they feel about prayer.

Everyone else in my  church, my small group seem to be amazing at prayer, I am the only one who struggles.

Prayer is something that God has called you to or he hasn't. Some are just naturally better prayers than others. To be honest, I am just to busy to pray. I really don't have time.

I find prayer disappointing because it never seems to change anything. What's the point!

Prayer is really about what God wants to do in me, not about changing anything else.

I feel so guilty about prayer and wished people would just not talk about it

 I'm sure you've heard these yourself and maybe even said some or even feel  disappointed and guilty about your prayer life at the moment.

 Well take heart. During April and May we are looking at the Lord's Prayer for 6 weeks. Every Sunday we'll hear a sermon on prayer and then every Wednesday evening we will meet in the church to go through the Prayer Course together.

 Click on the images to find out more about the Sundays and the Wednesdays.